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Welcome to iWax

International Wax Center!

Why Wax?

Warm wax is applied to the skin and wraps around the hair follicle allowing the hair to be pulled from the root. Because the entire hair is removed, skin is left very smooth & outlasts other forms of hair removal. Hair grows in cycles: growing, resting and shedding.

Waxing For Her

Avoid the chore of shaving and tweezing with the long lasting benefits of waxing! Choose from a variety of services for weeks of smooth skin! Our treatments take only 15-30 minutes depending on the area waxed. Our experienced licensed technicians can easily remove your unwanted hair with little discomfort to you.

Waxing For Him

Among our male clientele is a cross-section of customers including bodybuilders, bicyclists, swimmers, business people, young and not-so-young. These days men are waxing because they want a clean look and want to appear younger. Back , chest, Brazilian and eyebrow waxes are the most requested services.

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