Brazils – Only the Best

In Search of the Perfect Wax:

The perfect wax? That would be one that worked well but had zero pain. Not possible! In fact, waxing with old conventional soft wax and cloth strips does not work well and causes the most pain! Soft wax adheres to the skin and the exposed hair shaft. As the strip is applied, the wax forms a bond between the strip and the SKIN. Usually, skin is torn away and the hair shaft can be broken off at the surface. The root that remains can quickly grow back thicker and more stubborn.

Why would anyone choose poor performance and maximum discomfort? The answer: Most people do not realize there is a choice…… until now.

Our wax is applied slightly above the temperature of the skin… warm, not hot. Once dried, the wax will adhere  to the hair only and pull out the entire root but will not tear the skin. What does this mean? Brazils Wax is gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet strong and malleable enough to remove the thickest, strongest, most stubborn hair by the roots. The performance of the wax is amazing and the discomfort is minimized.

Again, the perfect wax would have maximum performance, ZERO discomfort. We are as close as you can get! Our clients that have compared us to the old “strip waxing” process say our system out performs strip wax and “it was easy!”

We like that, you will too.

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