History of Brazilian Wax

Waxing the genital area has been common in many societies for centuries.  Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Albania and Turkey have been waxing the nether regions since the dawn of recorded history.  Usually they would use sugar-based waxes made with honey and lemon.   Some included variations with oils and scents to reduce discomfort.  The practice of waxing in these cultures was for personal hygiene and/or religious reasons as body hair on women was considered socially unacceptable.  This is different from the practices in North and South America, as well as Europe today, which wax mainly for the cosmetic benefits.

Waxing the genital area completely is relatively new to western cultures, developing mostly in the 20th century.  In the United States, waxing or even shaving the pubic area did not become common until the late 1990’s.  Today, however, this procedure has become popular and has really taken off, no pun intended.

We can all thank the country of Brazil for bringing genital waxing to the forefront.  Brazilian women wanted to wear the then-new thong bikinis, which was not widely popular elsewhere.  This caught on with celebrities in the 90’s with Paula Yates, Gwyneth Paltrow, and others preaching its virtues.  In 1999, TV’s Sex and the City raised the Brazilian to international prominence when one character was the victim of a Brazilian waxing, when attempting to get only a bikini trim, and found the experience surprisingly pleasant!

Full body waxing has been popular in the gay community for some time but has now become popular with heterosexual males as well.  In the male version, the “Male-zilian” as we call it, men will sometimes leave a sculpted patch untouched for esthetic reasons.  Some have reported that penis size appears to increase as the hairy covering is removed.  The statistics also show more men above the age of 40 prefer to go hairless for hygienic reasons.  Whatever the reason, once you try the Male-zilian you will never go back to the un-groomed, non-hygenic way it used to be!

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