Why Us?

Best Professional Wax

  • Waxing is WHAT we do. Waxing is ALL we do. We are the best.
  • Our entire staff is State Board of Cosmetology certified with over 30 years of combined waxing experience
  • We are absolute CLEAN FREAKS!
    • We use medical grade disposable sheets and change out for every client. We sanitize the bed and all instruments between each new client treatment
    • We provide Medical Drapes (disposable blankets) for each treatment for maximum client comfort.
    • We NEVER double-dip application tools. All sticks used are Medical Grade depressors, they are dipped in wax, applied to the client and then they are disposed of.
  • We custom blend our wax at our location each day from ingredients assembled exclusively for us and using an innovative procedure developed in Brazil especially for us.
  • We developed an exclusive 6-Step process for waxing that ensures maximum sanitary preparation, maximum effectiveness of hair removal and minimal pain commonly associated with waxing in “conventional” strip methods.
  • We developed our own exclusive 3-Step after care kit to ensure the best result and decrease the potential for bumps and ingrown hair.
  • We have decreased our prices three times since we opened in October of 2011. We continually strive to be the best and serve our clients at the best prices as well.

Take the above list to any other business that offers waxing. Ask them if they do the same. If they don’t, ask them “Why Not”.

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